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    Peer Intelligence®

    I enjoy peer information shared by other bankers associated with this group. Interesting and relevant articles are provided by Promontory Interfinancial Network.
    Dawne Stafford
    President and CFO
    Security Bank

    Peer Intelligence connects me with other banking leaders who are clearly focused on results. This is a great place to find out what is on the minds of other bank executives. It is quick and easy to launch a discussion topic and see what peers are thinking about current and evolving topics, like interest bearing commercial DDA accounts. The content, connections, and dialogue are valuable. In addition to the visible online exchange, I have benefited from the private discussions that have developed behind the scenes.
    Neil Stanley
    President of Community Banking
    Treynor State Bank

    Very top of mind subjects addressed.
    Diane Rosler
    Senior Vice President and CFO
    First Keystone Community Bank

    I look forward to my daily email to stay in touch with others’ experiences. I have incorporated insights and useful tips gained from the posts.
    Peer Intelligence Participant

    I have enjoyed seeing the different ideas and responses that different people have on issues.
    Peer Intelligence Participant

    Good information in the daily posts.
    Peer Intelligence Participant