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    Purchase Funding

    Promontory Interfinancial Network can serve as a one-stop shop for your bank’s funding needs. A wide range of wholesale and retail options are available, and banks can utilize single or multiple offerings and switch between them, as desired. With Promontory Network, your bank can enjoy advantages over traditional bank funding alternatives. 


    Traditional Wholesale Alternatives Advantages of Promontory Network Offerings
    FHLB Advances: overnight or term, secured borrowings

    Brokered CDs: term, fixed-rate, unsecured deposits
    • Process is simple and quick (an at-will "auction"—request funds on Wednesdays, settle next business day)
    • Price equals the all-in cost
    • Scale of bank network tends to result in better market depth and breadth for terms less than 5 years
    • Option: CDARS
    Correspondent Banks: overnight line of credit
    • Counts as a deposit
    • Does not require collateralization or establishment of a credit line
    • Is not subject to fees or the counterparty risk associated with lines of credit
    • Option: Insured Overnight Funding
    Subordinated Debt: fixed-to-floating borrowing (can enhance capital ratios)
    • Offered at much lower cost—pricing is not subject to bank rating and there are no advisor fees—and with faster settlement
    • Options include: CDARS, ICS, IND
    Fed Funds Purchased: overnight, unsecured borrowing

    Get the Latest Rates for Various Funding Options

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