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    Winning the Battle for Deposits: 10 Practical Ways to Grow Deposits and Manage Funding Costs

    Dollar Bill Green Army Men

    Until recently banks did not have to compete hard for deposits. In fact, there was a period after the Great Recession when some banks actually turned away deposits. That is no longer the case. The nation's largest banks are aggressively pursuing retail deposits. Internet banks are benefiting from lower cost structure and aggressive pricing. The number of bank executives experiencing deposit competition remains at high levels for almost every region of the country. But there are tactics banks can utilize to grow deposits and manage funding costs, including utilizing a deposit placement network to go head-to-head with competitors, freeing up funds that can contribute to higher ROA and ROE ratios, attracting deposits from large-dollar local customers, and more! Download your copy of 10 Practical Ways to Grow Deposits and Manage Funding Costs today.

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