Residential Mortgage Network for Banks

Customized Service, Targeted Opportunities

The Residential Mortgage Network team − mortgage professionals who possess extensive knowledge of both banks and the residential mortgage market − works closely with each bank to capture its unique and often dynamic buying and selling preferences, resulting in more efficient transaction execution. Your bank can leverage the Residential Mortgage Network team to:

  • Buy residential whole loan pools
    • Access newly originated inventory from top national originators and aggregators of residential mortgages − typically more than $1 billion in mortgages is available on a weekly basis for secondary market sales
    • Discover more opportunities to purchase pools of seasoned mortgages from REITs, hedge funds, private equity firms, credit unions, and other banks
    • Choose mortgage pools consistent with your bank’s asset goals, including its CRA requirements and need for geographic diversity
    • Connect with institutional sellers for secondary market flow transactions or purchase pools on a one-time, bulk basis
  • Sell residential whole loan pools
    • Sell excess loans in the secondary market to take advantage of your bank’s competitive strengths
    • Tap into an active loan-buyer community that includes top mortgage companies, REITs, and other mortgage buyers, as well as banks
  • Access correspondent solutions
    • Enhance your bank’s ability to offer competitive products to customers, earn income, and reduce risk by connecting with national mortgage firms that buy residential mortgage whole loans in the secondary market, on a nondelegated or delegated correspondent basis, from banks that originate and fund the loans