Promnet Repo for Banks

Using the Promnet RepoSM service, banks can offer customers valuable benefits while keeping deposits and securities off balance sheet and gaining more control over their cost of funds and liquidity. Banks can:

  • Avoid turning away customers whose deposits may otherwise negatively impact the balance sheet
  • Offer customers daily liquidity, the opportunity to earn a return, and safety
  • Enjoy fee incomeyour bank can receive a fee based on volume

How Promnet Repo Works

A bank, as the Relationship Institution, enters into repurchase agreement transactions as agent for its customers. The customer enjoys the security of having their funds backed by U.S. Treasuries (to 101-102%) or by Agency MBS (to 103%), daily liquidity, and the opportunity for returns. The custodian, BNY Mellon, holds cash and securities and sends or receives funding by wire. For the Relationship Institution, this is an off balance sheet transactionfunds and securities do not reside on the bank's balance sheet and the bank retains the customer relationship.

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Use of the CDARS and ICS services is subject to the terms, conditions, and disclosures set forth in the applicable program agreements, including the applicable Participating Institution Agreement and Deposit Placement Agreement. Limits apply, and customer eligibility criteria may apply. lCS program withdrawals are limited to six per month when using the savings option. A depositor is responsible for excluding from eligibility to receive its funds through CDARS or ICS any FDIC-insured depository institution at which it has other deposits in the same insurable capacity.

ICS, Insured Cash Sweep, CDARS, Certificate of Deposit Account Registry Service, IND, Insured Network Deposits, and Yankee Sweep are registered service marks of Promontory lnterfinancial Network, LLC. Promnet Reverse Repo is a service mark of Promontory lnterfinancial Network, LLC. 

The Promnet Repo service is provided by Assetpoint Financial, LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Promontory lnterfinancial Network, LLC, and a member of FINRA and SIPC. Use of the Promnet Repo service is subject to the terms, conditions, and disclosures set forth in the applicable program agreements, including the Promnet Repo Service Agreement. Assetpoint Financial, LLC does not purchase or sell any securities in connection with repurchase agreement transactions effected using the Promnet Repo service.