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CDARS® for Banks

CDARS provides flexible funding and relationship-building solutions that can help a bank regardless of its liquidity position. With CDARS, banks can

  • attract multi-million-dollar relationships without raising rates across the board and with the potential to sell the underlying funding (just the funding, not the relationships) for fee income, or to keep the full deposit amount on balance sheet;
  • build long-term relationships by attracting stable funding – “sticky” deposits that reinvest ~80% of the time – and that lend themselves to significant cross-selling opportunities;
  • replace higher-cost funding;
  • lower collateralization costs by reducing tracking burdens and freeing up assets for more productive uses; and
  • purchase wholesale funding at fixed or floating rates and without collateralization requirements.

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Read testimonials and case studies to learn more about how Network members and their customers are successfully using CDARS, or visit the CDARS Endorsements, Alliances, and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) pages for more information.

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