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Get on Point with Bank Assetpoint
December 2013

 News -american -banker
Lending Club Courts Small Banks as Personal-Loan Partners
December 11, 2013

Ca Bankers Association
CBA Strategic Partner Promontory Announces New Online Marketplace: Bank Assetpoint
November 27, 2013

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Bank Assetpoint Gains 1,000+ Banks, 3,000+ Assets
November 8, 2013

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Bank Assetpoint Connects Commercial REO Buyers and Sellers
October 25, 2013

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Promontory Interfinancial Network Announces National Launch of Bank Assetpoint
October 24, 2013

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ABA Daily Newsbytes – Promontory Launches Bank Assetpoint Marketplace Nationwide
October 18, 2013

Wall Street Journal – Firm Backed by Ex-Regulator Launches Bank Trading Platform
October 17, 2013

Superior Telegram
NBC Develops Secure Solution
August 06, 2013

Savingadvice Rev – Bank Failures: 25 Things Everyone with a Bank Account Needs to Know
August 01, 2013

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Check Your Bank Account Coverage
May 01, 2013

News -commercial -property -executive
Commercial Property Executive – Banking on Distress
March 26, 2013

News -real -estate -intelligence
Real Estate Finance Intelligence  PIN Launches New Distressed Asset Platform
March 11, 2013

News -globe -st – A Great Time For Investment
March 04, 2013

News -fitch -ratings
Fitch Ratings  FDIC-Backed Deposit Programs May Grow
February 14, 2013

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Commercial Property Executive – Promontory Launches Online Marketplace for Bank Assets
February 05, 2013

News -american -banker
American Banker – Promontory Interfinancial Offers Banks New Approach for Asset Disposal
February 04, 2013

News -globe -st  Online Platform Focuses on Bank Assets
February 04, 2013

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American Bankers Association ABA Endorses Bank Assetpoint, A New Nationwide Online Marketplace for Bank Assets
February 04, 2013

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ABA Daily Newsbytes – ABA Subsidiary Endorses "Bank Assetpoint" Online marketplace
February 04, 2013

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ICBA News ICBA Expands Cooperative Alliance with Promontory Interfinancial Network to Include Bank Assetpoint
February 04, 2013

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ABA Daily Newsbytes – ABA-Endorsed Service Offers Free "TAG" Alternative
January 10, 2013