Our public funds customers appreciate knowing that when they place their funds through ICS, those funds are eligible for FDIC protection beyond $250,000 and earn interest. That benefits them, as well as local taxpayers, as our bank can make those funds available for investment within the community."

Mario Martinez


Catskill Hudson Bank, NY

We love that ICS gives us options: we can either attract deposits and sell the excess to other banks through One-Way Sell, or purchase funding through One-Way Buy. This is especially helpful in today’s regulatory environment."

Gray Flora

Chief Financial Officer

BankFirst, MS

We enjoy being able to replace repos and letters of credit, as well as reducing our need for collateral, with ICS and CDARS."

Chris Huss

Capital Markets Director

CoBiz Bank, CO

We face the important, but cumbersome task of making certain that our deposits are eligible for protection. To do so, we required our bank to pledge millions of dollars of collateral. It was our responsibility to track the changing values of that collateral every day. Now, thanks to Capitol Bank, we discovered ICS. By placing our funds through ICS, our funds are eligible for FDIC protection beyond $250,000 and earn interest – both of which really benefit us and local tax payers. The best part is that Capitol Bank can use our deposits to fund local lending and economic growth. And the recurring burden of tracking collateral values is gone. The service is truly a benefit for us."

Cindy Engelke

Finance Director

Verona, WI

With great success, we are selling ICS to our large-deposit clients as a retention vehicle, as well as using ICS to lower cost of funds, and attract new deposit business."

John Calpey

Executive Vice President & Chief Operating Officer

Old Florida National Bank, FL

With ICS, we can earn interest plus access multi-million-dollar FDIC insurance to cover our funds. Funds placed through ICS are eligible for FDIC protection while working for the benefit of our local rate payers. It’s a win-win for all."

John B. Storer, P.E.

Auburn Water & Sewerage Districts

Auburn, ME

With ICS, our Town can access multi-million-dollar FDIC insurance protection, as well as earn interest. Plus, our bank can make these funds available for investment within the local community."

Stan Harmon

Finance Director

Bar Harbor, ME

Our reasons for signing up for ICS are really three-fold. First and most important, it fills a need of our customers by providing them with flexible funds that are eligible for FDIC-insurance. Second, it lets us keep those funds on our balance sheet, which helps us to stay liquid, but with a lower cost of funds. Finally, we have been long-time CDARS users. We and our customers have come to trust the quality and professionalism of Promontory."

James O. Donnelly

Executive Vice President

Machias Savings Bank, ME

With ICS, we compete by having the opportunity to offer a valued product that offers security to our depositors who want to earn interest. At a time when consumer confidence is low, it is important for us to maintain a conservative posture, providing products that enhance our offerings while reassuring our largest depositors that their funds are safe. A community bank may be well-known in the community, but often must compete with the global banks that may have more notoriety and the perception of greater financial strength."

Patti H. Judson

Executive Vice President & Chief Operating Officer

Bank of Ann Arbor, MI

I was looking for a flexible investment vehicle that I could use for a special need we had. With ICS and CDARS, I found safety, flexibility, and yield – all in one place!"

Al Braithwaite

Director of Administrative Services

City of Oldsmar, FL

Our school system has utilized the CDARS service for years and is very pleased about the addition of the ICS service. With CDARS, we have access to FDIC insurance on our funds that are invested for a longer timeframe while meeting our investment policy mandates and earning CD-level returns. With ICS, we can protect and invest our funds on a shorter term basis while earning a return. CDARS and ICS combined provide us with an efficient cash management solution."

Doris Gasper

Business Manager at Beloit Schools District 273

Beloit, KS