With the help of Promontory and the access they provide to multi-million-dollar FDIC insurance, we’ve been able to build loyal, large-dollar relationships."

Jim Langmead

EVP and Chief Financial Officer

EagleBank, MD

With ICS and CDARS, we’ve been able to attract a number of large-dollar relationships, increase our asset liquidity, and decrease our collateral-tracking expenses."

Brandon Norris

Chief Financial Officer

First National Bank, LA

With CDARS, we can offer our customers the convenience of local relationship banking with security of investing in CDs with FDIC insurance. And your CDARS transactions can make more credit available locally. We all win."

Marty Sellers


First National Banking Company, AR

CDARS is the perfect match for us and our public fund customers. It can eliminate the need for deposit collateralization, which frees up our time, frees up their time and reduces everyone’s administrative tracking costs. It also allows our previously restricted funds to work harder and for their funds to be channeled back into the local community. We all win."

Russell L. Reinert

Chief Financial Officer

Central Bank & Trust Co., KS

CDARS has provided us with a very stable funding source and also differentiated us from our competition. More than ever, customers want safety and convenience, and this is especially true for businesses, nonprofits, and local government customers. When we tell them that CDARS offers access to multi-million-dollar FDIC insurance and CD-level returns through our bank, CDARS sells itself."

Steven Champney

EVP and Chief Financial Officer

Business First Bank, LA

CDARS is a relationship driven service that opens up the door where you’ve never gone before. Period."

Francis Hornung

Vice President and Sales Manager

Five Star Bank, NY

Training our associates is the key to our success. Once our team rallied behind this service, deposit growth just took off. Not long after we launched this product, we had several million in CDARS deposits; in just a few months it had doubled, and in a few more months it had tripled. It grew with relative ease."

John Paul Koch

Senior Managing Director

Metropolitan Bank, MS

In today’s environment, everyone wants safety, and CDARS is the easiest way to promote it."

John L. West


Community National Bank, TX

This is one-stop shopping. Bringing CDARS to our bank allows us to satisfy customer demand for safety and convenience."

Glenn Sutherland

President and CEO

Catskill Hudson Bank Monticello, NY

CDARS allows us to make large investments at our local bank so the money stays in the community. And it makes our money eligible for FDIC insurance."

Karla McCall

Finance Director

Tarboro, NC

I have found participation in the CDARS program to be simple and a time saver. We earn very competitive interest rates on our investments while freeing up staff time. We were in the CDARS program during our last audit and passed with flying colors!"

Christine J. Johnson


Dekalb County, IL

Upon joining the county treasurer’s office, I was intrigued to learn that a portion of the county’s funds were placed through CDARS. I quickly appreciated the security and ease of placing large deposits through a single bank while keeping the money FDIC insured, and have since added the ICS service, as well. CDARS and ICS free up the capital of smaller banks to finance community growth while still allowing them to accept our larger deposits. We can support the prosperity of the community while investing the taxpayers’ money competitively and safely through a community bank. A winning combination."

Carla J. Manning

Payne County Treasurer

Stillwater, OK