Our company was one of the first to try Bank Assetpoint, and it has proven to be a great decision. We are marketing all of our commercial REO and subperforming notes on the site and have been impressed with the results. Our listings have received increased visibility to a quality buyer pool and have generated interest from potential buyers we were not already working with. The relationships we are building through our participation are proving to be very meaningful, and we look forward to the future of Bank Assetpoint."

Pete Beauchamp

Senior Vice President, Voit Real Estate Services

Irvine, CA

Through Bank Assetpoint, we have been able to increase our funding sources and expand our relationships with community banks."

Keith Stayer

Vice President, Triad Financial Services

Jacksonville, FL

For us, it’s the ease of use. A platform that lets buyers and sellers connect both regionally and nationally could be a daunting thing, but Bank Assetpoint makes it extremely easy to locate assets you are looking for."

Marti Rodamaker

President & Chair, First Citizens National Bank

Mason City, IA

Institutions looking to dispose of OREO, like United – ours is concentrated in construction and land development – struggle with a marketplace that is highly fragmented and complex. Bank Assetpoint greatly simplifies this market by offering a single, secure platform where banks can post assets for sale. So, by bringing both sides together, Bank Assetpoint bridges a gap in our business."

Bob Jones

President & CEO, United Bank

Atmore, AL

With excess liquidity on our books, our bank was looking to acquire assets in order to balance our portfolio. Using Bank Assetpoint made this task easier by providing us with access to a growing variety of loans, including new loan originations, all on one site."

Tom Chmelik

Chief Financial Officer, MainStreet Bank

Fairfax, VA

Bank Assetpoint has been a great experience for First Financial Network. We were an early adopter of this platform, and it has helped us reach a broader audience for our document management solution technology suite, LoanDocs™. We are pleased to be a part of Bank Assetpoint and see it as an important venue."

Bliss A. Morris

Chief Executive Officer, First Financial Network, Inc.

Oklahoma City, OK