Bank Assetpoint Helps to Connect Buyers and Sellers of Bank Assets

Bank Assetpoint Helps Two Banks Connect, Resulting in an Efficient Loan Portfolio Sale

  • The U.S. subsidiary of an international bank specializing in secured consumer loans wanted to free up lending capacity. The company hoped to generate new lending capacity by advertising regionally focused performing loan pools through Bank Assetpoint.
  • At the same time, a community bank in the Southwest was carrying excess liquidity and finding limited loan demand from its commercial lending platform. It turned to Bank Assetpoint to help grow its portfolio while staying within the local market.
  • Through Bank Assetpoint, each bank was able to fulfill its objective of making a quick, efficient connection with an interested counterparty. Within weeks, the due diligence was completed, the deal terms were negotiated, and the transaction closed.
  • Based on the relationship that developed during the initial deal, the parties forged a long-term agreement under which the originating seller introduces opportunities to buy loans based on credit, yield, and market criteria articulated by the buying bank.

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