Bank Assetpoint Helps Banks Reduce Asset Concentration

A Community Bank Deploys Excess Capital; a Nonbank Lender Finds a New Source of Funds

Long-Term Loan Deal
  • A community bank in the Mid-Atlantic region faced a concentration in commercial real estate loans and needed to diversify its portfolio.
  • At the same time, a leading nonbank consumer lender sought additional funding channels as its business grew.
  • The two parties connected through Bank Assetpoint, and the bank began working with the nonbank lender to design a portfolio based on the geographic location of borrowers and specific credit metrics defined by the bank.
  • As a result, the bank and nonbank lender executed a long-term agreement under which the nonbank lender may sell loans to the bank on an ongoing basis.
  • The bank was able to significantly reduce its asset concentration, increase its earning-asset yield, and create a loan portfolio based on its unique credit requirements and balance sheet needs.

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