Bank Assetpoint Streamlines the Process of
Searching for and Marketing Loan Opportunities

Two Banks Supplement Organic Loan Growth with New Consumer Loan Opportunities

$1M+ Monthly
  • A bank in the Southeast was finding it difficult to grow its loan portfolio organically due to limited industry and commercial activities within its geographic location. It had plenty of funds to lend and wanted new, high-quality loan opportunities that could pass its rigorous due diligence process.
  • At the same time, a bank in the Mid-Atlantic was looking to diversify its current loan portfolio. It was also searching outside of its market to find the appropriate opportunity, but with limited success.
  • Meanwhile, a nonbank lender with many years of expertise and the ability to prepare pools of loans based on specific criteria had been searching for opportunities to sell its high-performing, secured consumer loans.
  • All three parties turned to Bank Assetpoint to streamline the process of searching for or marketing loan opportunities and each was able to fulfill its objective.

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