Bank Assetpoint Helps Banks of All Sizes Manage
Their Balance Sheets

One Bank Used Bank Assetpoint to Reduce Asset Concentration, While Another Used It to Deploy Excess Liquidity

  • A large community bank in the Pacific Northwest had been successful at originating multifamily loans on the West Coast, and, over the years, developed concentration in these loans. The bank desired to reduce its concentration in multifamily loans while maintaining its ability to continue loan originations.
  • At the same time, a different community bank was having difficulty identifying lending opportunities in its local market on the West Coast.
  • Through Bank Assetpoint, each bank was able to fulfill its objective of making a quick, efficient arrangement with an interested counterparty. In just a few months, the buying bank concluded its due diligence, the banks negotiated deal terms, and a $50M+ transaction was completed. Building on this successful relationship, the banks completed another $55M transaction.

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