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    Innovative Funding Strategies & Tactics

    This webinar covers where rates are headed, as well as the funding strategies you need to plan for the future and the tactics needed to achieve your goals. Our discussion focused on deposits but also covered other sources of funding.


    About the Speakers

    Matt Pieniazek
    The President of Darling Consulting Group

    Neil Stanley
    The founder and CEO of The CorePoint


    Barb Rehm
    Senior Managing Director, Promontory Interfinancial Network

    Table of Contents

    Introduction … 00:05

    A Shrinking Deposit Pie for Smaller Banks … 1:40

    Fed Funds Rate Historical Chart … 3:54

    Growth of Time Deposits Has Soared … 7:13

    Greater Competitive Posture … 11:00

    Sorts of Deposit Accounts are Increasing and Why? … 15:32

    Online Providers … 17:36

    Pros & Cons of Various Types of Funding Options … 22:01

    What are the Regulators Saying? … 26:50

    Are Bankers Doing a Good Enough Job? … 31:55

    Fear Factor that Community Banks Have … 38:42

    Best Strategies and Tactics for Attracting New Deposits … 43:20

    Data Matters … 53:01

    Winning in this Deposit Market … 56:01