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    Members of Promontory Interfinancial Network’s management team come from a variety of different backgrounds — backgrounds that have fostered deep regulatory and banking industry expertise, as well as specialized knowledge in fields like finance and technology. The company’s leaders and current ownership take great pride in serving as a partner to banks, helping to build the largest bank network of its kind, and in making the firm a great place to work for all.

    Ken Auspaker Senior Vice President, Corporate Development   H. D. Barkett Senior Managing Director, Treasury Desk & Program Management   Bill Bawcombe Chief Information Security Officer   Bill Bergin Vice President and Senior Deputy General Counsel   Rob Blackwell Chief Content Officer and Head of External Affairs   Anthony R. Carlino Managing Director, Head of IND Operations   John Couric Chief Financial Officer   David Cox Senior Vice President, Financial Planning   Dion Hyman Chief Data Architect   Susan Gayle Chief Administrative Officer   Jane Gladstone President   Thomas Hinckley Vice President, Information Technology Operations   Joseph Hooker Senior Managing Director, National Accounts   Robert Hyland Senior Vice President   Mark P. Jacobsen Cofounder and CEO   Steve Kinner Senior Managing Director   Stephanie Kuroda Chief Marketing Officer   Charles "Duffy" Mees Chief Information Officer   Alfred H. Moses Cofounder and Senior Advisor   Douglas E. Phillips Senior Vice President and General Counsel   Beth Pile Chief Risk Officer   Barb Rehm Senior Managing Director   Simon Storm Vice President, Enterprise Applications   Elizabeth Vale Senior Managing Director