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    Operating & Advisory Boards

    How does one create a network — the largest bank network of its kind? It takes an innovative vision, deep technical expertise, thoughtful relationship building, and a sustained focus on excellence. Add to that an unwavering commitment to serve as a partner (not a competitor) to banks, the right mix of people, and voilà: a powerful, new platform starts an evolution in American banking.

    It all began nearly two decades ago when former bank regulators envisioned a technology solution that could network banks across the country, enabling each to benefit from The Power of ManySM: financial institutions working together. Promontory Interfinancial Network has grown tremendously since then, as knowledge has been institutionalized and the company has brought in smart, talented professionals — people from senior levels of policy and practice, including the FDIC, OCC, Federal Home Loan Bank, SEC, and financial institutions, big and small — to serve in management and in operating and advisory board roles.

    Eugene A. Ludwig Chairman, Operating Board   Mark P. Jacobsen President & CEO, Operating Board   Alan S. Blinder Vice Chairman, Operating Board   Brian Ruane Operating Board   Michael P. Santomassimo Operating Board   Alfred H. Moses Vice Chairman   Art Certosimo Vice Chairman   Kenneth M. Duberstein   Mary L. Schapiro   Jeffrey B. Schreier   J. Michael Shepherd   O. Jay Tomson   Frank G. Zarb            

    Former Founding Board Members

    Anne L. Armstrong (dec.) Tenure: 2002 - 2008   James M. Culberson Jr. Tenure: 2002 - 2008   Edward W. Kelley, Jr. (dec.) Tenure: 2002 - 2016   Warren B. Rudman (dec.) Tenure: 2002 - 2016   L. William Seidman (dec.) Tenure: 2002 - 2009