Founders/Board Members/Management


Eugene A. Ludwig Chairman   Mark P. Jacobsen President and CEO   Alan S. Blinder Vice Chairman   Alfred H. Moses Vice Chairman  

Board Members

Eugene A. Ludwig Chairman, Operating Committee   Mark P. Jacobsen President and CEO; Operating Committee   Alan S. Blinder Vice Chairman, Operating Committee   Brian Ruane Operating Committee   Michael P. Santomassimo Operating Committee   Alfred H. Moses Vice Chairman   Art Certosimo Vice Chairman   Kenneth M. Duberstein   Mary L. Schapiro   Jeffrey B. Schreier   J. Michael Shepherd   O. Jay Tomson   Frank G. Zarb  

Former Founding Board Members

Anne L. Armstrong (dec.) Tenure: 2002 - 2008   James M. Culberson Jr. Tenure: 2002 - 2008   Edward W. Kelley, Jr. (dec.) Tenure: 2002 - 2016   Warren B. Rudman (dec.) Tenure: 2002 - 2016   L. William Seidman (dec.) Tenure: 2002 - 2009  


Mark P. Jacobsen President and CEO; Cofounder   H. D. Barkett Senior Managing Director, Treasury Desk & Product Ops   Phil Battey Senior Vice President, External Affairs   Bill Bergin Vice President and Senior Deputy General Counsel   Anthony R. Carlino Managing Director, Head of IND Operations   John Couric Chief Financial Officer   Don Daily Senior Vice President, Product Management   Susan Gayle Chief Administrative Officer   Ted Hamilton Senior Advisor   Thomas Hinckley Vice President, Information Technology Operations   Joseph Hooker Senior Managing Director, National Accounts   Robert Hyland Senior Vice President   Steve Kinner Senior Managing Director   Stephanie Kuroda Chief Marketing Officer   Charles "Duffy" Mees Chief Information Officer   Douglas E. Phillips Senior Vice President and General Counsel   Beth Pile Chief Risk Officer   Barb Rehm Senior Managing Director   Simon Storm Vice President, Enterprise Applications   Elizabeth Vale Senior Managing Director