Banks that maintain stability in their customer bases should be better prepared to weather the short- and long-term effects of changing market conditions like rising interest rates and increased competition for deposits. Promontory’s services can enable your bank to build and maintain stronger relationships with high-value customers.

Borrower Retention

Protect customer relationships by referring lending opportunities you choose not to service to other lenders
With Bank Assetpoint, your bank can identify lenders that make loans outside its areas of focus – e.g., marine loans, manufactured home loans, equipment leasing, or certain SBA loans. By making a referral, your bank can satisfy its customer’s borrowing needs and protect that customer relationship from competitors.

Expand your lending capacity to meet borrower needs as they grow
Using Bank Assetpoint, your bank can continue to satisfy borrowers with growing needs. For example, your bank can pursue larger lending opportunities by using Bank Assetpoint to market loan participations to a nationwide network of more than 7,000 participants, including more than 1,300 banks, thereby retaining and capturing more value from your bank’s top customers.

Depositor Retention

Protect your relationships with your large-dollar depositors
Your bank can bring the entire relationship with large-dollar depositors into your institution by using ICS and CDARS, which enable your bank to offer access to FDIC insurance on their large-dollar deposits, thereby increasing the “stickiness” of the overall relationship and reducing the risk of losing these customers to competitors.

ICS can be an essential service for depositors looking for secure cash-management options, while CDARS can meet customer needs for long-term, insured deposits. CDARS holdings reinvest at a rate of approximately 80%.1 Also, banks typically see less than 1% of ICS balances liquidated in any given month, even as total balances steadily increase.2

Additionally, your bank can deepen relationships with its high-value customers who use ICS and CDARS, like businesses and high net-worth individuals, by crossmarketing other services.

1 Through 6/30/14. Promontory calculates the reinvestment rate by determining whether a particular customer’s funds were reinvested within 28 days of maturity.
2 Calculated for each of the twelve months preceding 6/30/14.