Residential Mortgage Network

Residential Mortgage NetworkSM makes it more efficient to buy and sell pools of residential mortgage whole loans in the secondary market and to connect with active market participants. Brought to you by Promontory Interfinancial Network, a trusted partner to ~3,000 financial institutions, the Residential Mortgage Network service offers participants more prospects for profitable connections.

The Residential Mortgage Network has a team of seasoned mortgage professionals – people who possess extensive knowledge of both banks and the residential mortgage market. They work with institutions of all sizes and with institutions that have varying strengths and goals to help develop customized mortgage solutions.

Residential Mortgage Network helps participants, including banks, mortgage bankers, nonbank institutional buyers and sellers, and industry specialists, to: 

  • Achieve loan growth consistent with asset portfolio goals by buying newly originated and seasoned residential mortgage whole loan pools
  • Increase lending capacity by selling excess mortgage loans in the secondary market to an active loan buyer community
  • Expand into new mortgage loan categories and build customer relationships by accessing correspondent solutions with national or regional mortgage firms
  • Present services to institutional mortgage market participants just when services are most needed

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