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Bank Assetpoint and Residential Mortgage Network for Real Estate Brokers & Loan Sale Advisors

Bank Assetpoint® is a marketplace to buy and sell a variety of bank assets, whereas Residential Mortgage Network focuses on the residential mortgage secondary market, helping loan sale advisors and others to buy or sell pools of residential mortgage whole loans on the secondary market.

Endorsed by the American Bankers Association, through its Corporation for American Banking subsidiary, Bank Assetpoint is a single point where real estate brokers and loan sale advisors can connect with banks and specialty service providers, and can post and search commercial real estate. Bank Assetpoint provides

  • access to thousands of bank asset buyers and sellers, including over 1,300 banks;
  • visibility to banks searching for brokers in the Assetpoint CommunitySM;
  • cross-selling possibilities;
  • a platform that doesn’t compete with brokers, promoting greater transparency and market efficiency; and
  • secure virtual data rooms to facilitate access to asset-related information.

Residential Mortgage Network can help loan sale advisors to

  • buy pools of residential mortgage whole loans that meet its client’s asset goals, including client CRA requirements;
  • sell pools of residential mortgage whole loans to reduce asset concentrations and increase lending capacity; and
  • access correspondent solutions from national mortgage firms that buy residential mortgage whole loans in the secondary market from banks that originate and fund the loans

Read testimonials and case studies about Bank Assetpoint to learn more about how participants are successfully using Bank Assetpoint, or take a tour, or visit bankassetpoint.com for more information. Alternatively, feel free to call (866) 899-5799.

For more information about Residential Mortgage Network, including case studies, visit resimortgagenetwork.com or call (800) 590-4632.

Bank Assetpoint is provided by Assetpoint Services, LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Promontory Interfinancial Network, LLC. Assetpoint Services, LLC does not, merely by permitting the listing of an asset or the identification of a third-party provider of services on the website, endorse the asset, the party posting information about it, or the third-party provider, as applicable.