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American Banker
Promontory Connects Service to FIS Platforms
December 07, 2011

Saipan Tribune - Fund terminates remaining money managers
December 01, 2011

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Fox Business Won $9.7 Million. Now, Where to Park It?
November 07, 2011

News -american -banker
American Banker Promontory Combines Services with Fiserv Platform
November 04, 2011

Governing  Making Money in a Zero-Yield Market
September 08, 2011

Business Week
Bloomberg BusinessweekMarket-Wary Investors Seek Ways to Insure Millions in Cash
August 12, 2011

Reuters  Advisers steer clients to safer havens in stormy market
August 04, 2011


SF Gate
– Top 10 Investments for Baby Boomers
August 03, 2010

Crane Data – Standard and Poor’s Weighs in on CDARS, Pooled Insured Accounts
March 11, 2010

News -american -banker
American Banker – ABA, Promontory to Unveil Market for FDIC Credits
February 23, 2010

News -american -banker
American Banker – Promontory to Roll Out Deposit Service Insuring Liquid Funds
February 22, 2010

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Kiplinger's Personal Finance
  What you need to know about CDs
June 01, 2009

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Forbes Magazine  Safe places for cash
March 24, 2009

Thestreet  How to safely exceed FDIC limits
January 20, 2009

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Kiplinger's Personal Finance  Where to stash your cash now
January 12, 2009

ABC News
Expanding FDIC insurance past usual limits (video)
December 03, 2008

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Kiplinger's Personal Finance  Keeping your cash safe
November 16, 2008

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Kiplinger’s Personal Finance  Supersafe Ways to Stash Wads of Cash
November 12, 2008

 Washington Business Journal
Washington Business Journal – Firm plays a unique role in protecting big deposits
October 24, 2008

Portland Business Journal
Deposit program could prevent bank runs
October 10, 2008

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Tulsa World  CDARS gives account holders more options
October 01, 2008

Fox News  Blinder on the rescue bill (video)
September 30, 2008

Chicago Tribune  Money protection only goes so far, so know the risks
September 28, 2008

The Wall Street Journal  Help for money funds
September 21, 2008

The Wall Street Journal  Your cash: How safe is safe?
September 18, 2008

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MarketWatch How to make sure your money's safe
September 15, 2008

 Forbes (1)
Forbes  Covering your butt if the bank goes bust
September 10, 2008

Money Magazine  How to bank with zero risk
September 01, 2008

 Bankrate Logo  6 ideas for insuring your deposits
August 27, 2008

The Wall Street Journal  Banks spread deposits, and risks
August 23, 2008

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Pioneer Press  Bank safety network offered for large accounts
August 21, 2008

The Denver Post  CDARS, safety in numbers for big bank customers
August 18, 2008

 Entrepreneur  Is your money safe in your bank?
August 12, 2008

Nightly Business Report  Money File
August 11, 2008

The Wall Street Journal  If your bank fails, are your business funds safe?
August 10, 2008

 Bloomberg 119
Bloomberg  Bank failures have customers wondering about FDIC protection
August 08, 2008

 Investors Com
Investor's Business Daily – CDARS can give more protection to CD investor
August 06, 2008

Fox News  Improving on the FDIC? (video)
August 06, 2008

Baltimore Sun – Keeping your money safe
August 03, 2008

The Business Review  Wilber National joins other banks in boosting deposit protection for customers
July 29, 2008

 Santa Barbara News Press
Santa Barbara News-Press  To the rescue: Area bank offers CDARS to safeguard deposits
July 29, 2008

BusinessRecord  One-stop banking for high-wealth depositors
July 26, 2008

 Record Online  Registry offers safer banking
July 24, 2008

 Business Week
Bloomberg BusinessWeek  A safe stash for big cash
July 24, 2008

The Wall Street Journal  Some options for protecting accounts
July 22, 2008

 Thestreet  Ultra-safe places to stash your cash
July 20, 2008

 Leaf Chronicle
The Leaf Chronicle  Local banks work to calm depositors
July 19, 2008

CNBC  CDARS: FDIC insurance up to $50 million (video)
July 18, 2008

Fox News  FDIC insurance for BIG bank deposits
July 18, 2008

 Seeking Alpha
Seeking Alpha  How to keep your money safe
July 18, 2008

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MarketWatch – There is insurance beyond FDIC - does your bank offer it?
July 16, 2008

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KHLS TV  Ways to protect your money (video)
July 16, 2008

Minyanville  Sweet smell of CDARS
July 16, 2008

CNBC  Is your money safe? IndyMac Collapse (video)
July 14, 2008

Minyanville  IndyMac goes national
July 14, 2008

The Wall Street Journal  Keep your money safe
July 14, 2008

 Bankrate Logo  CDARS: Beat the $100,000 FDIC limit
July 14, 2008

 Newsday  Account exceeds FDIC insurance limits? Try using CDARS
July 06, 2008

The Wall Street Journal  Protecting your principal in IRA CDs
June 07, 2008

 The Ledger
The Ledger  Some local banks are offering fully insured savings accounts
May 31, 2008

 Colorado Springs Biz Journal
The Colorado Springs Business Journal – CDARS: one-stop shopping for multi-million $ FDIC insurance
May 23, 2008

Nashville Business Journal – Bankers see surge in CDARS demand
May 09, 2008

 Louisville Business First
Louisville Business First  Keeping cash safe
May 02, 2008

Arizona Republic – With Banks Jittery, How Safe are Your Deposits?
March 02, 2008

 Daily Herald
Chicago Daily Herald  Investment adds a little more to Kane coffers
February 21, 2008

 North Jersey
The New Jersey Record  Towns get a new CD option
February 11, 2008

 Marketwatch Logo
MarketWatch  How risky are uninsured bank deposits?
February 04, 2008

 Smart Business Chicago
Smart Business  CDARS
February 01, 2008